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It is aimed to make endodontic treatment safer, more practical and more successful for physicians and patients with the principle of “think innovatively, design what is not or develop what is not”.

Scope Endo Technical Specifications

High resistance to breakage thanks to its high flexibility

Perfect fit to canal anatomy

Both Rotary and reciprocal solutions

Quick and simple treatment

"Monotonic torsional resistance and fatigue resistance of novel SCOPE RS instruments"

The academic study on SCOPE canal files produced in Turkey has been published in the international journal MICROSCOPY RESEARCH & TECHNIQUE.

We thank our teachers for their contribution.

Doç. DR. Ekim Onur ORHAN

DR. İhsan Furkan ERTUĞRUL

DR. Samet Tosun

New Product

Scope RS® Narrow

The new Scope RS® Narrow Series, which was created with the recommendations of specialists in the field of endodontics and perfectly adapted to the canal structure.


Scope Endo Multimedia

Twist Strength Test
Endomotor max tork değeri: 510 gcm
SCOPE Rs tork değeri: 2480 gcm %486
Scope Endo Tork Testi
SCOPE RS2/025/04T modelimiz ISO standartları için yeterlir. Olan değerin 4 katı üzerinde test edilmektedir
Axial Movement Test
Isıl işlemlere göre esneklik farklılıkları;
Scope Isıl İşlem Teknolojisi