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About Us

Gtech Dental, whose area of expertise is endodontic treatment, has reached its founding idea by aiming to offer innovative solutions in this field. The first idea was the development and production of rotary files, which are one of the most important elements of treatment, in sensitive processes. For this, our R&D unit has set out by designing precision machines and test equipment.

It is aimed to make endodontic treatment safer, more practical and more successful for physicians and patients with the principle of “think innovatively, design what is not or develop what is not”. For this reason, we have the idea that endodontic treatment should be constantly updated with innovations in the field of production technologies. We produce innovative solutions in endodontics with the R&D studies of our engineers and the opinions and suggestions of specialist physicians.

It all started with the emergence of the idea of ​​manufacturing canal files. Literature reviews of research and academic studies on the subject were made. After the feasibility studies for the designs, manufacturing methods and quality control processes required for manufacturing, Gtech Dizayn was established with completely domestic capital. With the maturity of the project, Gtech Dizayn, which developed with the support / grants of various public institutions, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Kosgeb and Tubitak, launched its first prototype in 2015. Gtech Dental strengthened its financial strength by making a partnership agreement with DCP in order to accelerate its investments and establish its worldwide organization. The cleanroom installation increased the facility capacity and technical/marketing capacity.

Gtech, which owes its development to its non-stop R&D studies and to its own production technology, has developed the “SCOPE® RS” system in the field of endodontics. Continuing its development with “KOSGEB Industrial Application Support”, Gtech Dental started the ISO 13485 and CE Certificate process in the same year in order to certify the quality management system.

Gtech Dental aims to be the leading company in the world, producing innovative and applicable solutions in order to increase the success rate of endodontic treatment. For this, it produces innovative solutions by giving importance to the continuity and innovative structure of the quality system.